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Debugging Tips and Tricks

Writing code is only one small piece of being a developer. In order to be efficient and capable at our jobs, we must also excel at debugging. When I dedicate some time to learning new debugging skills, I often find I can move much quicker, and add more value to the teams I work on. I have a few tips and tricks I rely on pretty heavily and found that I give the same advice again and again during workshops, so here’s a compilation of some of them, as well as some from the community. We’ll start with some core tenets and then drill down to more specific examples.

Debugging Tips and Tricks

Use to connect localhost to mobile devices

This step-by-step guide assumes you have MAC OSX installed and are troubleshooting from an iPad/iPhone. This should work in a similar fashion if your mobile device is Android based. Ensure your localhost’s URL is aliased such as,

  1. Download SquidMan.
  2. Run
  3. On iPad/iPhone open Settings > Wi-Fi and select your Wi-Fi network.
  4. Take note of the Wi-Fi network’s IP address. For example,
  5. In SquidMan open your Preferences, Command + ,.
  6. In General ensure that HTTP Port is 8080.
  7. In Clients add IP address, then click save.
  8. In Template comment out http_access deny to_localhost and click save.
  9. Open System Preferences > Network on your Macbook and note its IP address. For example,
  10. On iPad/iPhone open Settings > Wi-Fi and select your Wi-Fi network.
  11. Switch the HTTP PROXY by pasting your Macbook’s IP address,
  12. On iPad/iPhone open your localhost URL.

Thanks to, egalo

Connect Localhost to iPhone with MAMP

1. Ensure both Macbook Pro and iPhone are on the same wireless network.
2. Verify Macbook Pro IP address, System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Status (ie.
3. Open apache httpd.conf file, Applications > MAMP > conf > apache.
4. On httpd.conf file, Command+F Listen to verify the port assigned (ie. 8888).
5. Open iPhone browser (safari/chrome, etc.).
6. Type the IP address and port assignment,

Thanks to Stackoverflow

PS: This also holds true for ANDROID phones with their respective browsers. As long as you are in the same network.