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Importing CSS Breakpoints Into Javascript

A quick and easy solution to this problem is to have your JS import the breakpoints directly from the CSS values in the DOM. This solution brings the current breakpoint variable into your JS in a way that’s:

  • Simple & Lightweight
  • DRY
  • Compatible with all browsers that support media queries (IE9+)

See Lullabot article, Importing CSS Breakpoints Into Javascript

CSS Font Subsetting

In short, depending on what foundry/font provider you choose to use (ie. Google Fonts, Font Squirrel, etc.) you can be selective in terms of what glyphs you want to leverage versus calling the entire set of glyphs in one large request.
By being selective, you can craft a much lighter request by using additional parameters in your src.

The trade-offs are evident. This has to be applied to a set of glyphs that are more predictable to manage and which don’t change that often (ie logos).

It’s a very nickel-and-dimed approach in my opinion, but it’s definitely useful.

Thanks to, demosthenes.


Common HTML and CSS miscues as explained by WTF, HTML and CSS?.

Thanks to, CSS Weekly #103 and WTF, HTML and CSS?.